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All the willing participants who were part of the interview process: I will forever be touched by your words, your openness and your willingness to be a part of this project  

The amazing cast for all their time, effort, talent and sensitivity. 

Emily Cerra: for the amazing poster design, incredible publicity and ongoing support and friendship throughout the project.  

“The Women”: Erin Brass, Anita Posterino, Janine Shipard, Leah Nicholls, Freya Magee 

Malthouse Theatre 

Camp Conscious 

The Rattlesnake Saloon 

Melbourne Fringe Festival

Anita Posterino: for being such an incredible human and doing so many things to constantly support me 

Erin Brass: for her faith, belief and gentle encouragement throughout the process  

Freya Magee: for going on this crazy journey with me, for the texts, emails and sanity sessions 

Happy Harry Potocnik: for his smooth vocal tones 

Angie Bedford: for her ongoing support, friendship and belief 

Chris Black 

Ryan Stewart  


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